Take-away air

Take away air, 2017

Installation for the Bruges Pre-Triennial, 2018

"A particular atmosphere, invisible in a single image, can be sensed in the air of Bruges in the lingering smell of waffles, fries, carbonade and mussels. Daily trade is predominately food, cooked and consumed on site for the thousands of visitors to the city. There is a well disguised infrastructure making this possible: The aromatic air has to circulate, be guided, sucked away and eventually pushed out into the atmosphere. All that is solid must melt into the air. The Gentpoort, a former customs gate to control imports and exports, is now a symbolic threshold between the medieval city and the modern world outside. On its roof, two of the original turrets are missing. The forms of these two missing towers can be found in the sculpture installed in the grass. Made from spiral galvanised tubing, fused together as two half moons, it resembles a giant unpolished diamond."